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25 years Design and UX experience

10+ years Mobile and Web Application experience

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It’s been a while

Presenting here the culmination of 25 years’ experience within the Graphic and Digital Design industry, a small selection from the hundreds of websites, magazines and promotional materials created for agencies, employers and private contracts.

Below you will find a glimpse of the diversity and innovation of my work, which I hope demonstrates my skills, creativity, style and possibly some underlying philosophy.


‘If it ain’t broke’ –
improve it!

The challenges in developing User Experience and User Interface solutions is something I find deeply satisfying and for which I have found I have a natural talent.

The blending of reserached user needs, coupled with colours, graphics, typography to create a simple interface and usability to craft aesthetically pleasing outcomes, resonates well with my “Anorak” urge to build something technically functional. Or to improve existing solutions.


Dog biscuits anyone?

I have been designing websites for many years now, working with companies across a variety of industries from healthcare to research, finance to retail, and animal food production to charities. Each contract has come with its own set of challenges, budgets and deadlines – but all equally fascinating.


The Haiku of graphics

Aren’t logos just minimalistic works of art? A little like a Haiku in their simplicity, and likewise they have big shoes to fill being the vanguards of their companies. Generating a logo that encapsulates the essence of an organisation is a fascinating process.

That’s about it…
for now

I hope you enjoyed viewing my portfolio. If there is anything you would like to ask, feel free to get in touch. There is a contact form button at the bottom right of this page or email at


25 years experience

40+ Websites

10+ years Mobile and SaaS experience

Speaks English, Swedish, Polish

Speaks English, Swedish, Polish

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